To re-educate Malaysians about TSL Jewellery as they have stores running in major shopping malls in Malaysia. However, they never done any digital activation for the Malaysian market as well as having a TSL Malaysia website for visitors to check out their brand and jewelry. Due to this, they faced low brand awareness among Malaysian audience as the shift of loyal customers slowly moves from older to the younger crowd but failed to attract them.


We assisted all digital activation for them in Malaysia including running ads and contests for Malaysian fans. To draw current Malaysian fans on TSL HK page, we provided them a page like visual to attract MY followers from that page to follow TSL MY page. We also create mini landing pages via FB for seasonal promotions as well as activating on ground key visual to place in stores to gain Malaysian followers. To enhance Malaysia’s marketing activities, we have assisted HQ in Hong Kong on visual adaptations to align posts with Hong Kong’s FB posts.




i) Fans like growth on their Facebook page has risen from 65 to 5512 likes (8380% increase).
ii) Engagement rate on average is 3.54% which is above the benchmark engagement rate in 2018 (3.01%).
iii) Reach has increase from 41 to 19,921 (48487% increase).