To enhance the brand awareness of Bosschips within the salted egg chips market. However, Bosschips faced poor branding marketing. Bosschips needed to overcome this problem although their chips have no halal certification and lack a variety of product flavors in their product line. They also lack a strong brand essence on both IG and FB. and experience a low search in volume as Bosschips are only available in the higher-end supermarket.


We established their chips’ unique selling point by regularly posting trendy lifestyle photos as well as featuring them with good quality content. We create a standardized brand’s identity to be used across all social media platform for Bosschips. We also enhanced their website’s user experience by categorizing their selling products quantity as well as creating a clear location outlets page to educate visitors on where to purchase them. To engage with the young community, we engaged with Instagram influencers to try out our chips and introduce them to their fans. We encouraged the consumer to share their Bosschips experience on Instagram stories and we reshared them.



i ) Website visitors growth increased by 350%.
ii ) Website visitors growth increased by 350%.
iii ) IG followers growth 40.95%.
iv ) Monthly total sales increased by 250% in the second month.