Lack the brand awareness to educate the public about the benefits of using natural ingredients from head to toe. Due to the misperception of Greenology as a avid promoter of Argan Oil, they struggle to promote their beauty products that consist of other natural ingredients such as rosewater, coconut oil and tea tree as well as essential oils such as lavender and lemongrass.
Although they have their offline stores, they struggle to drive traffic to their e-commerce website due to low digital awareness.


Aggressive social media marketing campaigns were launched to drive traffic to their website as well as building their social media presence online.
We’ve ran several social media campaigns to build their fanbase. Furthermore, we utilised Facebook ads to run several traffic ads featuring their products from haircare to aromatherapy. From utilising the immersive mobile canvas to video featuring a guide on haircare, we ultimately drew traffic from social media to their e-commerce website.





Total reach from aggressive online contests: 6,320 people
Growth of fanbase on FB: +397.1%
Growth of fanbase on IG: +336.3%
In our second month of service,
Increase of new users on their website: +16%
Increase of sales revenue online: +40%